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As a child, one of the most common questions we ask is “why?”. Why is the sky blue? Why do our feet stay on the ground and we don’t fall off the planet? Why can’t I have a unicorn/pegasus combination as a pet?

If we are lucky, we will have people around wise enough to answer some of our questions, and even luckier if we have access to education so we (hopefully) satisfy more our curiosities. …

Machine Learning — when most people hear about it, they may initially think of AI robots taking over the world like Skynet from the Matrix or some dystopian world similar to the movie I,Robot. I will admit that prior to beginning my studies as a data scientist, visions of sentient robots also crossed my mind most likely due to my exposure to too much media and scare tactics from the news.

Instead Machine Learning is much more diverse than building battle robots that will steal everyone’s jobs and take lives. In the most simplest of definitions, Machine learning is the…

Photo by Daniel Semenov from Pexels

Hello there! If you’re reading this then you’re probably interested in Data Science, or the Film Industry, or perhaps both. Before I get into the data and my first project for Flatiron School, I think it is important to talk about my background and how it has made me think about the data in different ways. Growing up in the Los Angeles area I was surrounded by film studios, but not only that, my family has been working in the film and television industry for two generations. Many times I was able to join my dad when he went to…

Mel R Friedman

Data Science student at Flatiron School. Los Angeles, CA ⇨ Seattle, WA

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